Garment Racks

MHS is a supplier of garment racks and portable and mobile garment trolleys. Our garment racks are high quality commerical products designed for long life in commerical and retail environments. They are not economy models.

MHS also has extensive experience in designing and producing custom made garmet racks and display units to cater for a wide range of commerical and retail products including: fabric display racks, sporting display units, clothing display racks and shoe display units.

Shown below are the main products of the MHS range.

Please contact us for price enquiries, orders or further information on custom designed display units.

Portable trolley garment rack
Single Portable Rack
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Double bar portable garment rack
Double Portable Rack
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4 way combination garment rack
Combination Garment Rack
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Belt rack, tie rack or clothing accessory display rack
Belt Tie Accessory Rack
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Merrell Sports Custom Garment Rack
Custom Garment Racks
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Kathmandu sleeping bag stand
Specialty Garment Racks
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Skellerup Footware Display Unit
Footware Rack Displays
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James Dunlop Fabric Display Rack
Fabric Sample Racks
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